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MASA-UK Art Gallery at the Downs, Altrincham

Over 10 years many customers, art collectors and visitors have called us the “hidden treasure of Bury” due to our high quality, diverse, blend of original art on offer. The Gallery’s setting makes customers feel at home, enjoying a carefully curated artwork by an emerging and established artists.

Now we are really excited to share the news of the opening of the second MASA-UK Art Gallery location on 8 The Downs, Altrincham. We will be bringing some of our customer’s favourite artists for the people of Altrincham to enjoy.

As stated in recent article by Ayanna Dozier (2023) of the world recognised Artsy, small independent galleries play a vital role in shaping today’s art world, providing collectors and institutions with the opportunity to discover and support emerging artists and galleries. We have always strived in promoting new, up-and-coming emerging artists and give them the platform to present their work and find their target audience. Local Lancashire artists such as: Daniel Riley, Ewan Evans, Lita Narayan have all have all started their artistic journey with us, and it has been amazing to see their growth over the years.

Our collection varies from surrealistic wonders by Suthamma Ta Byrne, known globally on Singulart, alongside the abstracts by the acclaimed Darko Taleski and treasures by award-winning artists such as: Malcolm Lucas, Christine Southworth, Les Heywood, Michael Gutteridge to name a few. This is just an overview of the group of artists we are working with, as we always strive to bring something new, fresh and unusual to our audiences.

We were very proud to be part of and present the Paint Altrincham Pink, Prevent Breast Cancer event at MASA-UK Art Gallery at the Downs, Altrincham these last two days Sunday and Monday 17th-18th of March. For two days we had many activites for wider audience to take part in.

On the Sunday we started with a painting event, where one of our artist's Jane Fraser was leading the painting activities and the public were taking turns in expressing their artistic creativities by putting their stamp on an original art. When finished this artwork was part of the auction which took place on Monday 18th of March.

Many other artists took part in this event in many different forms such as: donating some of their artworks to the charity, baking cakes for the event, helping with the organisation and promotion of the event. A big thanks goes to all of them, as well as, our incredible visitors who have supported this wonderful cause by donating and purchasing original art on the day.

We would love to invite you to join us at MASA-UK Art Gallery whether in Altrincham or Bury, we will present to you a variety of thoughtfully chosen, original, unique art by local and international artists at any time.

When chosen thoughtfully, art can transform a space and make it special and personal. Our customers benefit from the professional advice in exploring and choosing the right piece of art for them. Whether you are an established art collector or just starting your art buying journey,  and would like to support artists you’re welcome to Masa-UK Art Gallery.

You can view and purchase your favourite artworks on , Instagram:

@masaukart and Ticktock: @masaukart or get in touch with us on if you do require more information.


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