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Visit us at Stand 274 at Manchester Art Fair 2019

MASA-UK Art Gallery grew from presenting emerging local, to well established British and international artists. We have come in contact with Osvaldo Lobalzo and Ambrose Avellano, while travelling in Spain and Gibraltar. When we saw these stunning arts we were hooked and in less than a year time both of these artists work was at our Gallery in Bury. As it was gracefully acknowledged by one of our customers at the Glasgow Contemporary art fair: “Nothing at the exhibition comes close to the originality, feeling and emotions created by these (Osvaldo Lobalzo’s) mixed media, abstract colour texture- feeling of form, so little detail, but so much to see”. This October 11th-13th, we will be taking

MASA-UK Art Gallery at the Manchester Art Fair 11-13th of October 2019

Founded in 2008, Manchester Art Fair is one of the UK’s most ambitious art fairs, selling modern & contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and editioned prints from a selection of UK and international galleries and artists on 11-13 October at Manchester Central. ​ MASA-UK Art Gallery and Gifts is very happy to present few of its artists. The famous saying: The artist is born, it is not made is more than evident in Osvaldo Lobalzo. There are people who are born with a special gift for whatever, in fact we all have a gift in something, we are all born with some special capacity for something. And the gift of Osvaldo was / is to create, to continuously investigate since he was a child, t



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