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Art Bags on Sale at MASA-UK Art Gallery

We are a small Gallery, based in Bury, Lancashire. We have been in business for over 4 years now. Being part of The Art Fairs it can be a complicated process. Getting all the art work from the Gallery distributed to the Fair and back, it can be a hassle. Then there is the issue of protecting the art from damage. We created The Art Bags to make life for the artists and galleries a bit easier. ART BAG is a product created with the idea of BETTER PROTECTION, STORAGE and EASIER TRANSPORT of the valuable art work. The product is easy to use and light, so there would not be any additional hassle when transporting the art. All our ART BAGS are WATER-RESISTANT as well as protecting the paintings and


Welcome all as we know the main festive event of the year is coming soon and I am sure all of you are well into your shopping MADNESS and getting ready, wrapping the last few presents. We would like to offer you a LAST MINUTE Sales at MASA-UK ART GALLERY AND GIFTS. If you need a extra-special present for a loved one why not feast your eyes on some of our FANTASTIC ORIGINAL ART from our Local artists. Why not make someone's house, room, life that extra bit classy this Christmas? Art is not just a luxury ownership, but more of a present for the soul, heart and everyday happiness!!!!!! The great thing is that we do have variety of styles, colours, so one wouldn't feel pressured of making the w



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