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Les Heywood: Pastel and oil cityscape artist at MASA-UK Art Gallery

MASA-UK Art Gallery is proud to be continuously presenting and promoting local talent to the public of Bury, Lancashire. We are making a great effort to enable communication between artists and art collectors. We are supporting local established and emerging artists, through showcasing their work at the Gallery and bringing their art closer to the society.

Manchester born, Les Heywood has taken on the art industry, in particular illustration, after 30 years career in advertising.

Cross Street and St Albert Square, oil on board (framed), 63x53cm by Les Heywood

Over time he has explored most mediums, however at the moment the use of pastels and oils, has offered him a subtle but vibrant colour palette. His subject matter varies from landscape to cityscape, but he also enjoys the challenge of capturing the mood of a dramatic sky before and after a storm.

We have started working with Les for over a year now and received a great reviews. People especially like the way his art portrays the buzzing, lively athmosphere which is the city of Manchester. His palette of oils and pastels gives his artworks that additional depth and warmth, which in turn gives people satisfaction when looking at it.

Bury Peel, oil on canvas board (framed), 63x53cm

His 30 years of marketing experience has given him a great skill in visualising, which he has transferred to his artworks. When creating a piece of art, Les prefers to go to the certain location, do the sketch and as most of the artists, put his own spin in the artwork. Therefore, most of his work gives you an inside to the vibe and atmosphere of the particular location in the painting.

St Annes Square, Afternoon Sun by Les Heywood, 63x53cm oil on canvas

His artworks tend to be presented in a light palette and are bringing the best side of the attraction spot. Whether is the architecture, people or the activities his works always tend to bring people in and discover new elements within the artwork.

We are very pleased to have few of Les's pieces exhibited at the moment at MASA-UK Art Gallery two floors. We would encourage all of you art appreciators to stop by the gallery and get to know his artwork as it is worth to be seen..

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