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Last fair of 2019 at the Edinburgh Art Fair 22nd-24th of November

Visit us at this 15th edition of the Edinburgh Art Fair from 21st to 24th of November. Here we will be presenting some of our brilliant artists including: Osvaldo Lobalzo, Iwan Evans, Darko Taleski, Christine Southworth at STAND A2.

Experience the augmented reality at the Edinburgh Art Fair 2019

This year it will be 15th anniversary of the Edinburgh Art Fair and MASA-UK Art Gallery is very happy to be involved in it. We will be presenting the work by Osvaldo Lobalzo, who was one of the best selling artists at the Manchester Art Fair 2019. His work of abstractation has been developing through the phases of idealism and expressionism over his 40 years of career.

Paradise V, original acrylic on canvas

Osvaldo Lobalzo, Paradise V, Acrylic on canvas

We are particulary excited to introduce Nigel Stewart, local Bury artist, but has been living and working in Normandy, France since 1992. Nigel’s artwork has a strong emphasis on the human figure, the portrait, and the emotions of the human condition. An interest in memorials and his work in history find their way into some of his work.

His approach is increasingly rooted in a traditional approach to studio drawing and painting and the renewal now increasingly seen in the ‘Atelier movement’ - of a return to fundamental principles of crafted artwork techniques, which had been somewhat lost in the latter part of the 20th century.

Nigel Stewart, Grace, Oil on canvas

Iwan Evans, a Welsh artist, living and working in Manchester has always been motivated by the urban constructions, which are the main inspiration behind his art. There is certain element of tension in Iwan's work, with his paintings being somewhere in-between reality and dream state.

The other side of his inspiration comes from the filmography, especially the Alfred Hitchcock ground-breaking movies. There is sometimes the suggestion of a subtle narrative and a voyeuristic quality which he attributes to his interest in the work of Edward Hopper.

Where I go by Iwan Evans, artists at MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury, Manchester

Iwan Evans, Where I Go, Oil on paper

Daniel Riley is another young, very multi-talented artist who will be presented at this fair by us. He is a very talented photographer, who than strives to communicate the essence of the place through textures, multiply layers of paint and ambiguous forms.

Daniel is inspired by the ever changeable light and weather conditions synonymous with the British countryside and the atmospheric conditions found in the moorlands of the Peak District and Pennine Lancashire.

Rakewood by Daniel Riley at MASA-UK Art Gallery

Daniel Riley, Rakewood, acrylic on board

Darko Taleski is an artist who draws inspiration from day-to-day activities. He states he gets inspired by everything: walk through the countryside, people on the streets, weather change.. Inspiration came like a flash. I remember it and I transform it in an art piece as fast as it come it. Using a storm of emotions during creative process it is my way of giving energy to the art works.

I usually use acrylic colors mixed with natural materials, paper and cardboard. I like to experiment with different kinds of materials and surfaces. The line in this period is primary in my works. It is usually black one composite with other colors on white background, but the line is always dominated. The line gives a dynamic and more emotion.

Gazing away original acrylic on board by Darko Taleski, presented by MASA-UK Art Gallery in UK

Darko Taleski, Gazing Away, acrylic on board

We hope to see you on our stand A2, this November and finish the year with a massive smile on your face. In a meantime feel free to visit our website:

and get more information on our artists and the Gallery.

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