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Osvaldo Lobalzo, at MASA-UK Art Gallery at the moment

Our mission is to encourage appreciation and understanding of art and its important role in society. Over the years we grew from exhibiting local artists to working with over 50 well established and emerging local and international artists. At the moment we exhibit exceptional work by artists from Argentina, France, Spain, Gibraltar..

Extremely inspiring, extraordinary master of his profession, Argentinian artist Osvaldo Lobalzo was followed all his life by the question “What would become of my life without art?” (Piccaso’s hands, in the movie about Piccasso)

“Art has been my guide, my travel, my dream, my awakening, my pain, my condemnation and my freedom” he has said. Osvaldo’s art simply raises positive emotions that take us to another dimension. As many of the visitors at the Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair 2019 stated: “Nothing at the exhibition comes close to the originality, feeling and emotions created by these mixed media, abstract colour texture- feeling of form, so little detail, but so much to see”.

Osvaldo’s art was presented at the Manchester Art Fair, Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair and Edinburgh Art Fair for the last two years. Now its your last chance to view this stunning art before it goes at the end of this month.

Standing in front of his work one can understand the question and the answer; it is so difficult the stay indifferent or unexcited. Osvaldo’s art simply raises positive emotions that take us to another dimension. We would like to invite you to join us on this arty journey through the space and time.

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