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Lita Narayan semi-abstract cityscape exhibition at MASA-UK Art Gallery

Lita Narayan has been exhibiting her work at MASA-UK Art Gallery and Gifts since 2014. Art collectors and art lovers always enjoy her unique semi-abstract style.

The use of suggestive, semi-figurative or semi-abstract paintings in acrylic provide a level of detail that leaves much room for imagination and dreams. In accordance to this Lita's inspiration comes by the perspective, angles, shadows and architecture of places that she has visited; mills and chimneys of the industrial north, fishing villages in Devon and Cornwall, and modern city and waterfront scenes.

She has subsequently exhibited in various galleries in the North West for a number of years and has also sold work to individual and corporate clients.

As Lita mentions: “a visual scene or the atmosphere of a town or city must “move” me in some way; it is a right hemisphere thing and I find it hard to put it into words”.

The exhibition will take place at MASA-UK Art Gallery with the preview on Friday 5th of April from 11am till 5 pm. There will be wine and delicacies available on the day and a great chance to meet the artist and familiarize with her style.

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