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Manchester Great Michael Gutteridge coming to MASA-UK Art Gallery Exhibition preview 2nd of November

On the 2nd of November from 11am you can enjoy the truly brilliant cityscapes by Manchester born and bread, Michael Gutteridge. His career, as an artist, spans for over 20 years, in which he has created fabulous Manchester sceneries, acrylic art works. You can enjoy most of them at the Gallery, up till Christmas.

Michael Gutteridge, Shambles Square, Manchester

Michael Gutteridge was born in Manchester, grew up in Manchester, and now lives in Manchester, pretty much, therefore, living the manifesto as appeared on the popular 'identity' T-shirts of the Madchester era. Sometime during the late nineties whilst doing his bit for the environment by cycling home from his place of work, he suddenly came across around 15-20 paint brushes of various sizes scattered all over the road and so got off the bike and gathered them all together, dodging traffic as he did so. How they got there, is anybody's guess, but after he had taken them home he decided it would be a shame not to use them and so began to paint a series of mostly urban landscapes. This activity took a more serious turn in 2001, when, after submitting a painting he had created with the aforementioned brushes in the 2000 Open Exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery, he was invited by them to present a full exhibition of some 20 paintings the following year. Since then, he has continued to develop and explore his own unique vision which involves trying to capture some of the excitement and other emotions evoked by the architecturally diverse mixture of gargoyle-souled Victoriana, modern steel and glass, refurbished Georgian warehouses, 1960's sub-Bauhaus office blocks, and (thankfully) predominately lobster-red coloured buildings, which make up the peculiarly vibrant city he lives in.

Following this event is the Group exhibition of the three, world renowned Gibraltarian Artists firstly at Edinburgh Art Fair and than at MASA-UK Art Gallery. This will be the first time that: Ambrose Avellano, Paul Cosquieri and Shane Dalemdo are exhibiting at this part of UK and MASA-UK Art Gallery.

The Three Graces by Ambrose Avellano

Rag Rock by Paul Cosquieri

Shane Dalmedo

The Gallery will have a wonderfull, original, unique gifts during the coming months to the Christmas period to complement the great original art on offer. Artistic vases with prints of the Sunflowers- Van Gough, The KISS- Gustav Klimpt, bronze plated sculptures by Parastone Museum Collection are just a few of the amazing gifts you can find at MASA-UK Art Gallery this Christmas.

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