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Welcome all as we know the main festive event of the year is coming soon and I am sure all of you are well into your shopping MADNESS and getting ready, wrapping the last few presents.

We would like to offer you a LAST MINUTE Sales at MASA-UK ART GALLERY AND GIFTS. If you need a extra-special present for a loved one why not feast your eyes on some of our FANTASTIC ORIGINAL ART from our Local artists.

Why not make someone's house, room, life that extra bit classy this Christmas?

Art is not just a luxury ownership, but more of a present for the soul, heart and everyday happiness!!!!!! The great thing is that we do have variety of styles, colours, so one wouldn't feel pressured of making the wrong decision. As, at the end of the day you would want to like or even love that certain element that you would be living or seeing it every day.

So why not take a break from the crowded central areas this Christmas and take a LEAP into the PEARL OF BURY, UK that's MASA-UK Art Gallery. We have carefully selected gifts that would not be found in most mass market places, that would be individual/ unique to you as a consumer, and that would lift the everyday spirit of our hard working day-to-day surroundings.

We have three floors of TOP QUALITY original art, hand painted and hand made jewellery selection to choose from. This together with the high end vases with copies of a famous paintings, from artists, such as: Van Gough, Dali, Modigiliani and many more, will for sure make your surroundings or friends feel extra special this Christmas.

So before we go and put the turkey in the oven and start with the favourite list of Christmas movies why not give it a last push and loose yourself at the art creations at MASA-UK Art Gallery. We will be here waiting with a cup of hot coffee or tea and you can start Christmas celebration earlier.

Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year

Kiko and Matija Sapundzieski

MASA-UK Art Gallery and Gifts

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