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Art Bags on Sale at MASA-UK Art Gallery

We are a small Gallery, based in Bury, Lancashire. We have been in business for over 4 years now. Being part of The Art Fairs it can be a complicated process. Getting all the art work from the Gallery distributed to the Fair and back, it can be a hassle. Then there is the issue of protecting the art from damage. We created The Art Bags to make life for the artists and galleries a bit easier.

ART BAG is a product created with the idea of BETTER PROTECTION, STORAGE and EASIER TRANSPORT of the valuable art work. The product is easy to use and light, so there would not be any additional hassle when transporting the art. All our ART BAGS are WATER-RESISTANT as well as protecting the paintings and frames from scratching and damaging.

We have two kinds of ART BAGS.

1. The first group are made of ALUMINIUM foil and bubble wrap material, water resistant, easy to use and reuse. They come in different sizes, also they can be tailor-made.

1.1 2D, perfect for one piece of canvas, graphics or framed paintings, or they can easily accommodate up to five canvas boards.

Wholesale Price: Depends of the size and quantity

Example: Size 24x28 inch, 60x70 cm price for pack of 10 pieces = £55

1.2 3D, they can accommodate two or three canvases or framed paintings, depending of the thickness. £18 each.

2. The second group are COTTON BAGS. These ones are made from cotton, and protective foam from the inside. They are 2D with handles for easier transport.

2.1. Bag 21x25 inches (54x63 cm) pack of 10 - £60

2.2 Bag 40.5x32,5 inches (103x83 cm) pack of 10 - £95

2.3 Super Art Bag, 3D with 2 separators, 34x24 inches (85X60 cm) £28

Those products will ended the time-consuming and annoying process of repeatedly wrapping and unwrapping of the paintings and give an elegant impression of the Artists or Galleries, when they are presenting the art work at Fairs.

For more information on the product or if you like to order, please contact us on:

Tel: 0161 2585835


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Cotton XL Art Bags

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