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Brand new surrealism art high quality limited editions prints by Suthamma Ta Byrne

Suthamma Ta Byrne, an surrealist artist based in Thailand, has been presenting her work at MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury, Manchester since 2021.

Long Kiss Goodbye, 100x120cm, oil on canvas by Suthamma Ta Byrne available at the Gallery now Ta is passionate about colour, as all of her characters are presented in a vibrant playful ways. love to blend emotional figurative references with elements of surrealism and create paintings that clearly show emotions through movement or expression. "Picasso and Lowry inspire me; their art is instantly recognisable and resonates with my own impulsive creation of art in its abstract form. I like to express emotion in my paintings, much of which is drawn from my childhood and personal experiences."

This year we are happy to present to all our customers and visitors Suthamma's new line of work. The limited edition prints, are presenting Ta in her best light. Now available at MASA-UK Art Gallery, framed and at a very reasonable prices.

View them all online or at the Gallery in Bury now.


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