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Introducing the Edinburgh based extremely talented artist Hanna El Azzabi and local artist Daniel Ri

Daniel Riley, a keen photographer, has been motivated by capturing the ever changing light and weather conditions, while hiking and doing outdoor activities. His love for the Peak District and Lancashire Pennine’s moorlands, has been transformed into his art work, in a way that showcases the atmospheric conditions.

The use of texture, tone and ambiguous, abstract forms communicates the physical and emotional, rather than a literal representation of the location. His work can often be minimalistic or reductionist in a way where he likes to break thing down to their base elements in order to communicate something that is purer and more refined.

In her art Hanna investigates the elusive nature between reality and virtual dimensions, decontextualising a wide variety of concepts and unveiling the intimate connections between our perceptual processes and the ambiguous dimension of our inner world.

Hanna states: “As I always thought that diversifying my experience, studying double degrees- first in Psychology and Visual Arts and later Fine Arts with Cinema at Masters Level- as well as working as a volunteer, undertaking multiple of random jobs, it will open up more prospects and renew my artistic practice, while broadening my mind.”

To Hanna, an artist is a craftsman who gives shape to reality and translates the world around him in a different way going beyond appearances. Art is a means of communication through sensibility.

Hanna is a definition of a 21st century artist. She exceeds the expectations of what is needed for an artist to be successful and survive in the ever challenging and apologetic-less world of art nowadays. She is not only using her already acquired skills, but day in day out broadening her horizons and developing herself as an artist.

It is our pleasure to invite and have her at our Gallery in Bury and we are highly recommending for all art lovers, artists or anyone who wants to experience something different to join us on her exhibition preview on Saturday 28th of March 2020.

We would love to have you at the Gallery for this event on

Monday until Saturday

10:30am to 4pm

MASA-UK Art Gallery and Gifts

10a Bolton Street



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