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Tony Bingham and Tracy Poole at MASA-UK Art Gallery

Masa-Uk Art Gallery is making effort to bring art closer to everyone taking care about exclusivity. "Please, don't touch the art" no way! This statement doesn't apply at Masa-Uk Art Gallery where most of the art work can be touched and experienced by blind people and people with low vision. We are proud to announce that we have fantastic art work by Tony Bingham and Tracey Poole.

Tony Bingham is a Glossop based artist and sculptor, who is passionate about using recycled and found materials together with the acrylic resin and jesmonite. He works with wood and metal off-cuts, as well as, discarded plastics and uses jewllery tools to produce abstract 3D forms, which are mounted on a picture frames.

Tracey on ZA Circlet 2: “Circles made of rope, interwoven and twisted. Coarse and finer loops tangle to form metallic shapes. Almost a shield fractured with force, I like this one.

Tracey on ZA Circlet 1 : “Round, round and round, Round plate with bamboo tubes in circular lines. Curved ribbons of tubes, in lanes, islands and patterns. Fingers follow designs fancifully, finding lost forms fraternizing with textured base.

Tracey is blind in both eyes and has worked with Tony to describe her tactile impressions of the shapes and forms within his work. She is a very talented, active and independent person. Blindness has been no barrier to her travelling alone, skiing, sailing, scuba diving and horse-riding.

Tracey on ZA Miles 1:Sunken circular dishes, forming random patterns spread between twisted metal shapes. Confused metal structures intermingled together and enclosing spaces not accessible to penetrating fingers.

Tracey on ZA Miles 2: Upstanding circles, domed and reflecting light. Ordered and discarded flat shapes connect lines of cupped discs running away into confusion. Solitary circles creep under copper shapes and hide away.

You can have a chance a view all these pieces and get closer to the story behind them, at this moment at MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury.

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