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MASA-UK Art Gallery at the Manchester Art Fair 11-13th of October 2019

Founded in 2008, Manchester Art Fair is one of the UK’s most ambitious art fairs, selling modern & contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and editioned prints from a selection of UK and international galleries and artists on 11-13 October at Manchester Central.

Manchester Art Fair 2019

MASA-UK Art Gallery and Gifts is very happy to present few of its artists.

The famous saying: The artist is born, it is not made is more than evident in Osvaldo Lobalzo. There are people who are born with a special gift for whatever, in fact we all have a gift in something, we are all born with some special capacity for something. And the gift of Osvaldo was / is to create, to continuously investigate since he was a child, to live by and for art, with which we believe that there is no more dignified, noble and more dignified attitude to a person that of creating, in this case, creating art, the ultimate expression of human creation.

Osvaldo Lobalzo

Osvaldo begins to develop his face of multidisciplinary plastic artist with complete ease. His career begins with a series of figurative paintings between idealism and expressionism, in small formats. Little by little and going through informalism, he reaches abstraction. It is here where he will begin to work with wood - scratched, burned, moldy, carved - paper, and other derivative elements that will accompany him to this day. Since then one of the most recognizable signs of identity of his painting, the other will be the large format, with paintings that reach 5 meters.

During his career, which has spanned five decades Avellano has worked in many different techniques and styles: creating drawings, watercolours, oils, enamels, acrylics, photography, digital imaging, sculpture, installation, projections, interactive works and found objects.

Ambrose Avellano

In 2010 he held a retrospective exhibition in his hometown Gibraltar. Avellano has been commissioned to create public art in Manchester and Lancashire, and portraits of leading politicians in Gibraltar.

He was awarded the British Millennium art award in 2000. He also achieved both first and second prizes in Blands centenary photographic competition in 2009.

One of his best known works, "The Triumphal Welcome" was on display in the Main Guard building in John Mackintosh Square, which is the main square of Gibraltar. The painting commemorates an event in that same square in 1963, after chief minister Sir Joshua Hassan and Peter Isola returned from meetings with the UN Committee, in New York, when they declared that Gibraltar would stay British.

Through the art I present the feelings of other people on me, as well my feelings to myself. Darko has been a regular exhibitor at MASA-UK Art Gallery since 2013 and his art has been exhibited at: Chester, Manchester and Glasgow, to name a few.

Darko Taleski

Inspiration does not ask me when to came. I get it every time, everywhere, when I walk, when I talk with somebody, when I teach children, when I sleep, when I drink coffee, when I met new people, when I see pleases and thinks over and over again but every time in different way.. Inspiration came like a flash. I remember it and I transform it in an art piece as fast as it come it. Using a storm of emotions during creative process it is my way of giving energy to the art works.

I usually use acrylic colors mixed with natural materials, paper and cardboard. I like to experiment with different kinds of materials and surfaces. The line in this period is primary in my works. It is usually black one composite with other colors on white background, but the line is always dominated. The line gives a dynamic and more emotion.

You can have a look at our website and familiarize yourself with the artists, art work, before it is exhibited on the fair:

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