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Another Brick in the Wall Exhibition


MASA-UK Art Gallery and Gifts would like to wish you all the best in the New Year. You are very welcome to visit us in February at the new “Another brick in the wall” exhibition.

We are excited to let you know that we have a new interactive website:, where you can communicate with us instantly, give us suggestions what you would like to see at the Gallery and also you can buy selected products directly from the website. You can enjoy variety of styles and media by well established award winning artists, such as: Michael Gutteridge, Malcolm Lucas, Christine Southworth, Carl Jacobs, David Starley, Gill Fox and many others. It is our pleasure to introduce some young and talented artists.

Joe Nicholson is a young artist, whose art portraits the abstract/surrealistic style. As recognised by the Poet Andre Bretton in 1924, “surrealism’s goal was to liberate thought, language, and human experience from the oppressive boundaries of rationalism”. The main message in Joe’s art is to liberate people’s mind and make them loose themselves in their imagination. His art is peculiar to say the least, and very in individual way where each and everyone will have their own thought and idea of what the painting tries to portray.

Joe Nicholson art at MASA-UK Art Gallery and Gifts

Joe Nicholson- Sinkhole

Joe Nicholson art at MASA-UK Art Gallery

Joe Nicholson- Dystopia

His paintings tell a story. In a similar way to Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall song, where they show their distress in the then current schooling situation, Joe’s Dystopia try’s to tell a story that voices his concern on current issues of environment pollution. The factory is used as the main distributor to the pollution and all the smaller parts around it are the people voicing their concerns about what it does to the environment.

The use of bubbles and attention to detail is another unique aspect of Joe’s art, which definitely drives you in a new dimension. As it can be seen on the two examples there is a great detail in the use of shapes, colour and contrasts. If we look at the “Sinkhole” painting, he has primarily used blue and greenish colour, but the contrasts of light and darker colour are done seamlessly and in tone with the whole composition.

Another artist exhibiting her work will be Lisa Levine, the creator of “Vision Within art”. Lisa’s aim is to bring more colours to the world, with her main area of expertise laying in painting animals and tourists hotspots. For Lisa art is also a way to champion good causes and to amaze the public with introduction of new concepts and ideas. She prides herself of her art creations as being totally different and unique, as she always puts on her own twist in the art.

Art and painting is something she really loves and cannot see herself without. As Lisa herself states: “There is really no greater achievement for me than painting a work that makes my eyes happy. If it makes my eyes go ahh, then my paintings are ready to take on the world”.

LIsa Levine colourful cityscape at MASA-UK Art Gallery

Lisa Levine- Tower Bridge and the Shard

Lisa Levine colourful animals theme at MASA-UK Art Gallery

Lisa Levine- Elephants in the Wild

Finally the trio of artists exhibiting at the “Another brick in the wall” exhibition is finalised by ever so talented Denny McAllister.

As, Denny states: “I am inspired by the amazing colours and textures of nature. I endeavour to mix the flow and the randomness of landscape and growth with vibrancy of colour and shape.”

With the benefit of being taught by art teachers who have taught the renowned David Hockney her career as an artist and her appreciation and knowledge in art has led her to produce some stunning pieces of art work. She is multi-skilled artist, as she produces both paintings and jewellery. For the jewellery she uses leftover paint in the production of the pendants, rings.

Denny McAllister- Rain Forest at MASA-UK Art Gallery

Denny McAllister- Rain Forest

Denny McAllister's amazing colours texture of the "Cornfield" theme

Denny McAllister- Cornfield

This will be another celebration of Greater Manchester art, and we hope to have you at the Gallery for the preview. It is a great step forward when showing these talented groups of artists’ appreciation for their amazing effort in creating stunning pieces of original art.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the preview or any time at your convenience.

Sincerely Yours,

Matija Sapundzieska

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