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Presenting Rafael Dominguez at MASA-UK Art Gallery and Manchester Art Fair November 4-6th 2022

We have encountered Rafael’s artworks through “meet-cute”, by chance while walking on the main streets of Marbella, Spain. The mystic shapes, bold colours, thought provoking design of his artworks, made us stop and stare at his work.

Into the Verse, Rafael Domingues, Acrylic on canvas, 114x146cm

His large-scale paintings with a fearfully applied lines and expressive brash stroke reminds of Georgia O’Keeffe,“the mother of American modernism”. The unique point of his artwork is that they are open to the imagination of the viewer. Longer one look at his work ,more organic abstractive forms will be discovered.

His style although very much abstract, has a surrealistic and imaginative overtones. He gives the freedom to the observer to make their own mind and communicate with each painting. As, Rafael states: “The observer is the one that judges, interprets, evaluates, gives meaning and completes the artwork”.

Into the Galaxy Verse by Rafael Dominguez, Acrylic on canvas

"I believe that my works are open to free interpretation by the observer. Let it be the painting that establishes connection between the observer and the answers to all their questions.”

He still exploits the traditional themes of the natural world with a fusion of abstraction and reality, where the viewers create own experience.

Recently his work was exhibited at Festiarte in Marbella and at Harrogate Art Fair.

We are very excited to be presenting part of Rafael’s work at MASA-UK Art Gallery stand 260 at this 4-6th November’s Manchester Art Fair.

After a very long and costly journey, exhausting experience, export-import with customs and a big “Sharks” delivery companies, paintings arrived in Bury. We are more than happy to invite you all to view and enjoy these charming, thought-provoking artworks at MASA-UK Art Gallery.

Get in touch on or 07766592641


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