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Suthamma Ta Byrne, from Thailand to MASA-UK Art Gallery and Manchester Art Fair 2021 19-21 November

MASA-UK Art Gallery is excited to present to you the brand new art by the world renowned Thailand artist Suthamma Ta Byrne. Her work can be viewed on:

MASA-UK Art gallery

stand 268

at the forthcoming

Manchester Art Fair

19-21st of November

Ta loves to blend emotional figurative references with elements of surrealism and create paintings that clearly show emotions through movement or expression.

Ta Thmkaeo, Lovers Embrace

Ta has a vibrant personality and loves nothing more than a happy toe-tapping audience appreciating melodic jazz. Jazz and lady in red oozes musical finesse and sultry song.

Ta is one of Singulart's best selling artists. She is an exciting Thai painter that has gained international recognition. Her representational style is magically intertwined with soft colours, shapes and inventive subjects. Her slightly cuboid style is influenced by the surrealist movement. Her well-balanced paintings are emotional and vibrant and feature curvaceous people, figures featuring eggs for their faces and curious jazz playing characters.

Social Distance, Oil on canvas

Ta is no stranger to hard work. She grew up with her traditional rice farming family in a rural area just outside Bangkok. The village inhabitants led a simple life and lived in traditional wooden huts that bore no running water or electricity. There was no education as such and no drive or ambition to explore a bigger, brighter world. With no access to television or movies, the farmers had no perception of what lay outside their village perimeters.

As soon as she became a teenager, she worked in a sweatshop in Bangkok and spent her day's hand-sewing shirts for the local market stalls. With her regular income, she was able to spend her days exploring the frenetic streets of Bangkok. Her senses were on red alert, and she hungrily absorbed the vibrancy of this bustling city. On one such day, she stumbled across a small muddled art studio and a somewhat eccentric street artist.

Ta Thimkaeo at work

Her life changed when the artist invited her into his chaotic world of colour and the heady scent of turpentine. With intrigue, she would watch him paint. Vibrant whorls of colour formed unknown civilisations and cities; her imagination was captivated by these new worlds, a mêlé of canvas, paints, and brushes. She was hooked and knew more than anything else that she wanted to be an artist. She felt it would be easier to walk to the moon.

Ta Thimkaeo, Lovers My Valentine

Ta's work can now be viewed on or contact us on

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Masa-UK Art Gallery or online. You can your bit by visiting and following our artists on, miand and of course by investing in your favourite piece of art.


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