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Japanese exhibition at MASA-UK Art Gallery on from 17th of March 2023

Tomomi Kitazawa Kenedy (Tomo) a Japanese ceramic artist has been living and working in UK. Her sculptures are inspired by the “Ruten” concept, which means a continual change, an ongoing flow of creating of an abstracted white porcelain sculptures. She prefers to use this material, as it gives her a space to create a very sensitive curves in her sculptures.

Tomomi Kitazawa Kenedy (Tomo) sculptures

Majority of Tomomi’s sculptures are unique one-off singular pieces, ranges from a miniature ones (small enough to sit in the hand) to a 20 cm larger pieces.

Having met her, we can see her passion in this project and her forefront idea of engaging her customers/visitors with her work: “It’s very important to me that my work be tactile and can be held by people.Touching and feeling my work is part of how someone should experience it, hence the size usually being easy to hold and fit in the hand”.

Tomomi Kitazawa Kenedy (Tomo) sculptures

Alongside Tomo sculptures exhibition we have the fantastic embroidery artworks by Lyndsey Miller. With producing embroidery art from famous pieces, such as the KISS by Gustav Klimt, Lyndsey adds its a way of meditation, better than valium, and the end product is a unique piece of handmade art.

Lindsey Miller, Geishas, Embroidery framed

We hope you can join us for this Japanese culture journey at MASA-UK Art Gallery on a art, sushi and wine day on Friday 17th of March from 11am-6pm


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