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Heather Burton art at MASA-UK Art Gallery this Christmas

MASA-UK Art Gallery is excited to present to you the stunning figurative original art by the Yorkshire based artist Heather Burton. We have came in contact with this artist one year ago and straight away we have been drawn to her unique artistic style.

Heather specialises in palette knife work on acrylics and oils in which she loves to capture and emotions and movements. Her passion for landscapes, seascapes and coastal-inspired paintings reflects the depth and diversity of the North of England and Scotland. Her work has been exhibited extensively across the East and North Yorkshire and now it has finally arrived in the North-west Manchester region.

Her career in Journalism has taken its tool on her art in a way where she did not had time to focus on her artwork. Went freelance in 1987, working for Manchester Evening News, Yorkshire Post, Bradford Telegraph and Argus, Praxis Films, the Press Association and national magazines (including Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine and The Express on Sunday); Carried out research/undercover filming for Dispatches, research for C5 and for C4 News. Commissioned by The Daily Mail to write for Femail, including many centre spreads, and by their Weekend magazine to write lifestyle features.

Also worked for the Sunday Times (property), Homes & Gardens, Sunday Post.

Heather comes from a family of artists, as both her mother and father were keen amateur artists. In this case being around the artists most of her life, Heather had a chance to find and develop her style. We are very honoured to show to the public her brilliant work at MASA-UK Art Gallery over the Christmas period and into the new 2021.

She has received many awards in her career, most notably Heather was the winner of the Friends of Ferens Prize in the 2015 Open exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery in Hull.

We hope to see you at the Gallery, as this art and artist needs to be seen and while you are there you can enjoy another original art on three floors by a group of talented artists.


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