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Doru Ivan: A introspection on human nature exhibition coming on 17th of March at MASA-UK Art Gallery

Doru is a Romanian artist based in Dublin, Ireland. His career in art started at the University of Arts at Bucharest, Romania. Over the years his artworks have been exhibited all over Europe, including: Gallery of Fine Arts in Romania (1997), Berlin, Germany (1999) and as a part of a Group Exhibition at the 191st RHA Annual Exhibition at RHA Gallery in Dublin, Ireland, which is Ireland's longest and largest running exhibition of visual arts.

Bully Boy by Doru Ivan, original oil on canvas

Inspired by The Tiger Lillies British Musical Band's song "Bully Boy". They are well known for their unique sound and style which merges "the macabre magic of pre-war Berlin with the savage edge of punk".

His art presents an introspection of the human nature with an exploration of the human universe in expressionist and ludicrous forms. Doru, as it can be seen in the Bully Boy, is wilfully exaggerating certain aspects of the human existence expressing through forms, gesture and symbol. His works are focusing on moments of bliss, panic, uncertainty, mystic states, that we as humans, might be experiencing through our lifetime.

Chaos by Doru Ivan, original oil on canvas

Doru's inspiration behind the "Chaos" artwork: "It was for me a way to represent the idea of the chaos, nowadays lack of certainty."

The style is primarily of a realistic and figurative mode, presented in a austere palette of black and white. His works include dynamic brushstrokes of watercolour, acrylic or black ink on paper. The subject used, as seen on the two examples used in here, although not very "beautiful or picture perfect", are used as an inspiration for those who want to find a beauty in the unusual situations.

As it goes with our company moto at MASA-UK Art Gallery we are always going towards presenting unique, original, unusual styles for the Greater Manchester, Lancashire public to enjoy at. We are very happy to be presenting Doru's artwork and we hope to see you all at the Gallery this spring 2022.


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