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New decade, new fresh artists to visit at MASA-UK Art Gallery

First of all we all from MASA-UK Art Gallery would like to wish you all the best of luck as we enter to the new decade of 2020.

To celebrate the new year we welcome two new exciting, both acclaimed and up-and-coming artists to the Gallery.

Iwan Evans, a Welsh artist, living and working in Manchester is a true art professional, having completed his Fine Art degree while in Wales. Now he has blossomed into his unique style using the urban landscape and cinematography, as his main inspirations.

He often does urban spaces that appear to be deserted or perhaps portray a lone figure. His paintings often have an ethereal quality to them suggesting that they are somewhere in-between reality and a dream state. These factors help to encourage the sense, that perhaps something is not quite right in the image, thus creating a rather dark and brooding atmosphere.

This has come mostly from his vast influences from film directors, such as: Alfred Hitchcock. In a "Hitchcock like" way, he strives to give that cinematic edge to all of his work.

His art really shows a certain elements of tension, going into the unknown, but followed with a dramatic excitement. Iwan's art will be in the Gallery until March available to view.

Nigel Stewart is another new-comer to MASA-UK Art Gallery for this new 2020. He is a Bury-born artist, but living and working in France since 1992.

Nigel passed his B.A. then M.A. Distinction in fine arts at Northumbria University between 1984 and 1992. It was also in 1992 that he moved to Normandy. Since then he has pursued his vocation as a professional fine artist, exhibiting regionally and in the UK and Germany.

His work is found in public and private collections in France, the UK, Germany, United States and Canada.

Nigel’s artwork has a strong emphasis on the human figure, the portrait, and the emotions of the human condition. An interest in memorials and his work in history find their way into some of his work. His approach is increasingly rooted in a traditional approach to studio drawing and painting and the renewal now increasingly seen in the ‘Atelier movement’ - of a return to fundamental principles of crafted artwork techniques, which had been somewhat lost in the latter part of the 20th century.

We are very excited to have these two slightly opposite type of artists showcasing their work in our Gallery. Therefore we would highly recommend to come by MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury and view this art by yourselves as it is really worth to be seen.

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