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David Starley exhibition at MASA-UK Art Gallery and Gifts

David Starley, original art, landscape artists, trees art, MASA-UK Art Gallery, art in Bury

David first studied art at Sydney University whilst working in a steel foundry, but then chose to follow a career in archaeology, before becoming a professional artist. He is currently based in the World Heritage village of Saltaire where he has a gallery displaying his own work. He is a member of the Aire Valley Arts Group.

Silver Birch original art in oils, MASA-UK Art Gallery, David Starley, art in Bury

 Silver Birch by David Starley

David's subjects explore the natural landscape of Yorkshire together with its historic buildings and monuments.  Traditional oil paint is very thickly applied (impasto) with a painting knife to produce a three-dimensional, almost sculpted, image. This not only adds great depth, but produces a surface that responds subtly to the changing light of the environment in which the work is displayed.

David Starley, art, original art, cityscape art, MASA-UK Art Gallery, Bury, Bury Art

 Upper Mary by David Starley

David mainly works from a studio near his home in the World Heritage site of Saltaire, West Yorkshire, a village created by the textile entrepreneur, Titus Salt in the 1850s. The village is increasingly known for the Saltaire Arts Trail held there in May, when a number of houses, including my own are open to the public. In 2013 they had well over 2000 people through the house. 

We first came across David in November last year, when we organised the second Bury Art Fair at the Fusleliers Museum in Bury. We have instantly fell in  love with his art work and the pure context, feature and technique behind each and every one of his works. His art has become very popular with our customers very fast making him our best selling artist in the early months of the new year. 

Romanian wildflowers with sky, David Starley art, original art in oils, MASA-UK Art Gallery, Bury

Romanian wildflowers with sky by David Starley 

We are very excited to have him exhibiting this amazing art at the Gallery.

We sincerely hope to see you here and together to give our appreciation to these wonderfully talented artists. All the art work are on sale.

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