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The Art of promoting the art

The business world of art is highly competitive and overpopulated nowadays. There seem to be masses of new, up and coming artists to complement the well established ones. They all are unique in their style, beliefs and technique, which in turn makes the market even more diverse. The quality of the original art on offer is second to none. Every artist not only have their own style, but they develop new techniques and better their art creations on a day to day basis. This makes the categorisation of the artists and their work even more difficult. Now it is not only the case of Differentiating between the media or topic used, but it’s much more deeper. Now we need to make an correlation between the artist ideas, how they are transferred into the canvas and how will they be taken on by the potential target market. 

Which in turn leads us to another question. Does the market demands change the artists style and ideas when creating their art? Is the ever changing market needs, motivations and wants in fact are the leading force in artists changing their styles and go against their beliefs and passions?

Most of the artists take on the art industry because of their creative nature, passion in art or pure talent. They need to put their thoughts and imagination onto canvas or paper, because that is what makes them fullfiled, happy and proud. But then it comes to the business side of the coin. 

Artists want to dictate their market needs. Artists want to create their market around their art and not the other way around. For each and every artists the greatest motivation and selffullfillment is when a potential client falls in love with their art, their style. That’s how they become a unique artist, who only paints in what they believe in and not what is needed. However, the world does not function in that way.

Customers demand dictates the artists creation. Because of the customer demand, artists styles, mediums used are constantly changing. But the change does not need to be bad in a way. This customer demands most of the time make the artists creations better. Make the artists take their imagination and work in places where they never thought they would go. And at the end if the clients are fully satisfied with the final product, than the fulfilment and motivational levels of the artists can reach new high. 

In short both side of the coin supply and demand need to be met even in the business of art. Yes the customer demand dictates where the artists mind will flow, but also the customer demand is created because of where the artists mind goes. All in all the key to successful and sustainable collaboration is by keeping the balance between the two and making sure there is a continued improvement on both sides. 

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