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Presenting Mark Butler's exhibition at MASA-UK Art Gallery

If there is something that can make our morning, midday or evening joyful, it is a piece of carefully chosen original art.

A ride towards keeping the cultural prosperity of Bury at a high level. MASA-UK Art Gallery has been continuously working at promoting and presenting the best variety of original art to the people of Bury and surrounding areas.

Since the beginning we have been presenting new, exciting local and international talents, while at the same time promoting new, fresh ideas.

We would love to present the Gallery's newest addition, Yorkshire based artist Mark Butler.

Mark is fascinated by the alchemy of turning everyday objects or hand sculpted bronze forms into a precious metal. He loves to give another life to the bronze by adding colour, polishing it and highlighting the different textures and shinning with the inner glow that, in his words, no other material can match. As the protection of the fragile nature is the core of his art, Mark as a great ambassador of ecology, uses the material wisely by keeping the steel content to a minimum and using a very thin castings of bronze.

Did you know, that at MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury, you can find the artworks by the Thailand based artist Suthamma Ta Byrne, the best selling artists on Singulart (one of the best online selling platforms, based in Paris, France). She was also our best selling artist and her paintings found a new homes in the Bury and Manchester area.

Lovers, My Funny Valentine by Suthamma Ta Byrne, original oil on canvas, 105x135cm

At MASA-UK we will continue with our trend of introducing new, unknown to the Bury area, artists. We are very happy to present to you, Doru Ivan, Dublin based artist.

Doru’s work analyses the introspection of the human nature and of what can results as an exploration of the human universe (expressionists and ludicrous forms). Through a realistic and figurative mode, his work analysis certain aspects that we as humans, can experience in our lifetime, such as: laughter, bliss, panic or uncertainty.

Chaos by Ivan Doru, Oil on canvas, 100x100cm

MASA-UK Art Gallery invites you to enjoy, find comfort and relax in the atmospheric world which the art can offer. View the original art on offer, support the artists and do something new for your home.

Contact us on for more information.


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