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Original pencil drawing art, art gallery in Bury, Greater Manchester

Pleiadean, original drawing by John Dean

The Pleiadean


I first heard about this lady on a beautiful spring day in 2014 after a drive into central Wales.

I was invited to interview (pen name) Bill Brooks with a view to doing illustrations for a book on his life of alien abduction. The drive back was a different matter; the pretty daytime country lanes took a foreboding feel in the dark, especially in light of the experiences I had just been told, and there was also the occasional flash of sheet lightning adding to the atmosphere.


I was there in my capacity as an artist, but I am also a physics graduate, and my natural curiosity was in overdrive. I was there, however, just to put images to his story; it was not an investigation.


In 2013 I came across a fascinating organisation called AMMACH. They documented and helped people who were convinced that they were experiencing alien abduction. I thought it would be a great idea to create accurate depictions of some of the abductee’s experiences. They get the pictures - I satisfy my curiosity. 


Bill’s life story was completely beyond belief and seemingly beyond the wit of anyone, sane or otherwise to fabricate. An ex-soldier and gifted guitarist on the circuit back in the 1970’s, His story took in the full spectrum of the alien experience and beyond.


This portrait is inspired by his first encounter he had at the age of ten, which was nowhere near as harrowing as any to follow; he was visited by a family of Nordic Aliens, the children seemingly his age. After a brief conversation he was invited aboard their craft. The children tried to teach him a game of telekinetically levitating metallic balls and was then taken for a cosmic ride.  

There was a reason for the visitation, this picture depicts the mother figures sultry look as she was given the task of telling this human child of the difficult life he has ahead.


The original title of the picture carries on a tradition of me using song titles or lyrics taken from Echo and the Bunnymen songs. This was to be called ‘Your Lips a Magic World’, being lyrics from the song, The Killing Moon. I do have a fascination with the Nordics, and that title sums up why.


If they have full lips like ours, then they must serve the same evolutionary purpose: to be attractive. There is no other reason to have them. When our ancestors started to walk upright it meant certain parts were less on show, so full lips act as a kind of mimic.


Nordics are supposed to have very human-like hands. Earth primates are defined by their hands; initially evolved with an opposable thumb and nails to take advantage of the ‘fine branch line’ in forests and jungles but as the continents drifted, they were re-purposed for tool use as the forests fragmented due to climate change. If you compare chimpanzee hands to ours, our fingers are shorter, and the thumb is much larger and closer to the fingers. The muscles to the little finger, believe it or not, are more robust for fine control: think about how your hand is stabilised as you use a pen.

If their hands are so much like ours, does that mean a similar evolutionary path with a Nordic home world dynamic like ours, forests, water oceans. You need vast amounts of water in the geological mix for plate tectonics. 


So, do they love like us and pair bond like us? The thing about Bills story is that it was a family unit who visited him. 


About 1.5 million years ago, as the climate dried further, our ancestors made the transition from the scavenger Homo Habilis to the hunter Homo Ergaster and Homo Erectus. This included a transition from an alpha male dominated species to one that pair bonded. As we were not well-adapted to hunting, no claws, sharp teeth, etc, we needed greater cooperation and communication to hunt successfully as a team. Since most males ‘got their girl’ there was less competition for the alpha position. Many of the religious amongst you won’t want to believe it but the most likely reason for love, instead of some divine gift, was one of survival.


To me it is fascinating not just how human, but how mammalian they seem. Is this extreme cosmic convergent evolution? I have always had a thing about evolution; it is ‘the most perfect theory in science’ as I call it, and that’s a physics graduate talking.


They apparently come from a planet in the Pleiades star cluster by the way and are very long lived according to ufologist folklore. The Pleiades are 444.2 light years away in the constellation of Taurus above and to the right of the easily recognisable Orion (7 hours away if you take their local transport). So, if you look up in the winter sky from the northern hemisphere, and you find the Pleiades, you might also be looking up at the lady in this picture.

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