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Monocot Fields by John Dean

The field depicted in the picture is very much a terrestrial one. It was the 1950’s, close to Birmingham, actually it lies behind the old family home of the young boy the world will come to know and love, Robert Plant, the singer of the band Led Zeppelin. It was in this field the Nordic alien lady came to visit a ten-year-old boy who was out on a bike ride, a future guitarist and a school acquaintance of Robert Plant. He was under the impression that, along with her family, they were there to tell him of a difficult life ahead at the hands of other alien races.


After a brief conversation about the state of the world, he was invited on board their spaceship. The two Nordic children tried to teach him how to levitate metallic seemingly magic play balls of theirs. He was also given a ride in their ship way out of Earth’s orbit. The tall blonde muscular father figure controlled the ship by concentrating on a simple looking console, he watched the Earth disappear into the distance through a low-level port hole or screen. The console was set around a dome with what looked like a spinning top, which, as it started to spin faster, it began to fade from view as the revolutions increased.


I heard this story from the boy himself, now an old man. I was there to interview him with regards to doing some pictures for the book on his harrowing life of alien abduction. The story was incredible and ultimately quite sad.


I know the reverence people give to men, women and things that have been into space. I had no problem working from the premise that Bills story was true, I was not there to judge. Was I in the presence of someone who had been taken ‘off world’?

It may still sound like a very mundane question to ask considering, but when this Nordic alien lady and her family stood in that field back then, how familiar did they find that environment? 

If you were ever to come face to face with these Nordic aliens, and you happen to have some understanding of evolutionary biology, you might recognise in them features that may remind you of key adaptations in all the species on Earth that led to us, and of the climatic events that shaped the modern ‘us’ in this, the Quaternary period, a period that is defined by large fluctuations in climate. 


Points of interest you might notice are their hominid-like hands, their overall mammalian features, especially the females if you get my drift. The Nordic ladies have full lips, which with their general good looks you might think, speak volumes, and get you thinking; ‘surely considering the evolutionary path that led to us, their evolutionary path must be almost identical?’ Does this mean there is a planet out there in the Pleiades star cluster very much like ours.


I hope this picture pushes a few boundaries of what could be imagination or what could possibly be real, and bring, not only a connection to a possible weird event in history but with a place beyond most people’s imaginings only 444.2 light years away.

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