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Into the Deep by Darko Taleski

Into the Deep by Darko Taleski

Acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm

"I remember the words that my grandmother always said when she saw me how I hold the pencil and how I traced the first line on paper:
You will be an artist."
As young all my time I was spending to draw. The exciting of drawing that I felt as young I still have it and it is becoming bigger and bigger. During my school days I liked to show my art works to my friends from school and to shear it with them. I still shear my works with people a round me and I like to hear what they mean about my paintings and drawings. 
Inspiration does not ask me when to came. I get it every time, everywhere, when I walk, when I talk with somebody, when I teach children, when I sleep, when I drink coffee, when I met new people, when I see pleases and thinks over and over again but every time in different way.. Inspiration came like a flash. I remember it and I transform it in an art piece as fast as it come it. Using a storm of emotions during creative process it is my way of giving energy to the art works. 

I usually use acrylic colors mixed with natural materials, paper and cardboard. I like to experiment with different kinds of materials and surfaces. The line in this period is primary in my works. It is usually black one composite with other colors on white background, but the line is always dominated. The line gives a dynamic and more emotion. 
Through the art I present the feelings of other people on me, as well my feelings to myself. Darko has been a regular exhibitor at MASA-UK Art Gallery since 2013 and his art has been exhibited at: Chester, Manchester, Edinburgh, Gibraltar and Glasgow, to name a few.

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