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Hot Summers Day

Hot Summers Day

Malcolm Lucas is one of the most inspirational expressionists in the North-West, known as the Lancashire’s Van Gough. 


His influences are mostly coming from the impressionism. Malcolm’s paintings show artist perception of the subject, rather than realistic interpretation. He is leaving a personal stamp on many of his portraits, such as: lost animal toys. The main influences of his are: Lucas Freud, John Piper, Van Gough, Laurie. He finds them very inspiring, exciting and liberating. 


His subjects of focus are mostly people he has met in his life.

On this subject he also adds: “I find it fascinating observing characters from a distance, and many times I get the urge to paint them. Still most of my work is concentrated on landscapes. I often try to capture atmospheric moments”. Although his influences come from the impressionism he sees himself as an expressionist. 


The theme of his work is based mostly on painting landscapes, with a usage of bold lines, bright colours and big brash strokes in oil or acrylic. For his line of work Malcolm also adds: 

“In my point of view, a painting should be a painting, not a photograph. I aim to express a mood or a feeling in my work. People say that even the animals in my paintings have a character.” 

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