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 Edinburgh Art Fair from 23rd to 25th November 2018

Special thanks to Alwani Foundation for all the support 

In 2018, Masa-UK established a professional collaboration with a few, well-known and internationally recognised artists from Gibraltar. We are delighted to present Paul Cosquieri, Ambrose Avellano and Shane Dalmedo to the visitors of Edinburgh Art Fair 2018.


These artists have all different styles and all of them will intrigue and amuse visitors. Paul is using the Rock of Gibraltar as the focal point to create his representational and yet abstract painting style. Very own expressive style of Shane Dalmedo’s work is mainly focused on exploration into the human condition by using toys and dolls . Ambrose Avellano uses the human body as the main objective, which he believes it contains every aspect of life.

After the fair their art work will be exhibited at Masa-UK art gallery till Christmas for those who will not be able to visit us at Edinburgh Art Fair from 23rd till 25th of November.

We are delighted to be able to present these amazing artists from Gibraltar at our Gallery.

THE THREE GRACES 2011, original art at the Edinburgh Art Fair 2018. Gibraltarian artists from MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury

Ambrose Avellano

Title: Three Graces 

Media: Oil on canvas

AT THE GATES 2011 Gibraltarian artists from MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury

Ambrose Avellano 

Title: At the Gates

Media: Oil on canvas

THE LUNATIC Gibraltarian artists from MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury

Ambrose Avellano 

Title: The Lunatic

Media: Oil on canvas

BLIND, DEAF & DUMB Gibraltarian artists from MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury

Ambrose Avellano 

Title: Blind, deaf and dumb

Media: Oil on canvas

Paul Cosquieri (Cosqui)

In 1982 Paul was awarded a scholarship from the Government of Gibraltar to study at the prestigious Chelsea School of Art in London, where he undertook a one-year foundation course in Art and Design. Following this foundation year, he decided to concentrate his studies on Graphic Design, which had always been one of his key interests in the varied spectrum of the arts field.


Paul's work is characterised by his many influences and by his innate desire to push the boundaries of whatever he is doing by constantly experimenting with new materials, media and styles ranging from painting to photography and sculpture. If what you are after is a pretty painting, then forget about Cosqui. His work has more to do with experimenting than with reproduction. His painting has undergone umpteen transformations from his early Neo-Expressionistic style type of Rock paintings to his abstract series which he coined as Abstract Popism.


In painting, Paul is currently engrossed with texture and moulding, using a wide range of media. His Between the Rock and a Hard Place series, which uses the Rock of Gibraltar as the major theme and starting point, is a clear example of what Paul is trying to achieve. He uses the structure of the Rock as a foundation from which to embark on one of his many different quests into texture, form, shape, colour, line, or a combination of all of these, nearly always resulting in a representational, yet abstract painting. Paul's paintings are abstract paintings in their purest form that somehow manage to maintain an umbilical cord to their original subject.


Paul is a committed artist, constantly involved in multiple creative projects such as organizing the popular weekly Life Drawing and Portrait Sessions at the Fine Arts Gallery, Gibraltar. In 2014 Paul became the President of the Fine Arts Association and is instrumental in organising regular annual art exhibitions such as the FAA Summer Show, the Affordable Art Show or the National Celebrations Exhibition.


Solo Exhibitions


2008 - Fine Arts Gallery Gibraltar - Between the Rock and a Hard Place

2010 - Fine Arts Gallery Gibraltar - Abstract Popism “21st Century Schizoid Man”

2011 - Andalucia & Gibraltar – Exhibition organised by Agnes b Ltd in Hong Kong

2013 - La Teteria La Linea Spain - Abstract Popism “21st Century Schizoid Man”

2017 - TPOP (La Teteria) La Linea - Between the Rock and a Hard Place - 2 November - 7 December 2017

Gibraltarian artists from MASA-UK Art Gallery in Bury

Paul Cosquieri

Title: Silver Rock N 1 

Media: Mixed Media on canvas

Abstract Popism 35.jpg

Paul Cosquieri

Title: Abstract Popism 35

Media: Mixed Media on canvas


Paul Cosquieri

Title: Rag Rock

Media: Mixed Media on canvas

Abstract popism N19.jpg

Paul Cosquieri

Title: Abstract Popism 19

Media: Mixed Media on canvas

Shane Dalmedo

Shane Dalmedo, a Gibraltaran artist, has contributed to different exhibitions both locally and internationally. She studied animation in the United Kingdom and worked in the audiovisual industry. The subject of her work is mainly an exploration into the human condition and toys, dolls and ornaments.The use of these objects play a very important part of her expressive language. 

"I started telling my stories by using sculpted characters and creating for them small scale dioramas inside glass fronted wooden boxes. In my latest work these characters have become almost life size and I create an interaction with real life scenarios."


Shane is a multi-talented artist. Apart of painting, Shane is also involved in producing 3D scenarios and make short films using live action and stop motion. Her latest short films were: Bordering on Britishness, 'Ornament' Short film and installation, Garrison Library, Gibraltar in 2017 and Bordering on Britishness, 'Postcard' Short film, Garrison Library Gibraltar in 2016.     


Shane Dalmedo has won a lots of awards for her distinctive, unusual  art work:


2017  3rd, prize, Gibraltar International Open Art Competition

2017  Sculpture prize Gibraltar Spring Art Competition

2016  High Commendation, Spring Visual Arts Competition

2015  Installation Prize, Gibraltar Spring Art Exhibition 

2015  Finalist, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2014 High Commendation, 41st Gibraltar International Art Competition 

2014  Finalist, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2013  High Commendation, Gibraltar Spring Art Competition 

2011 3rd Prize, 40th Gibraltar International Art Competition

2008 High Commendation, 35th Gibraltar International Art Competition 

2005  High Commendation, 32th Gibraltar International Art Competition

2005 1st Prize , XV11 Encuentro de Artistas Plasticos del Campo de Gibraltar 

            La Linea, Spain 

2004  High Commendation, 31st Gibraltar International Art Competition

2003 2nd prize, 30th Gibraltar International Art Competition 

The Gift.jpeg
The Game No4.jpeg

Shane Dalmedo

Title: The Gift

Media: Mixed Media on canvas

Shane Dalmedo

Title: The Game No4

Media: Mixed media on canvas

The Doll.jpeg

Shane Dalmedo

Title: The Doll

Media: Mixed Media on board

The Hanging Game.jpeg

Shane Dalmedo

Title: The Hanging Game

Media: Mixed Media on paper

Edinburgh Art Fair 2018
Nov 22, 2018, 6:30 PM
Edinburgh Corn Exchange